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About Us

Environmental Consulting and Regulatory Compliance

Our Team

EnviroSystems consists of a team of highly trained professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in environmental regulatory compliance, natural and biological resources management, archaeological/cultural resources management, geospatial and GIS services, noxious weed management, and public relations. Our Division Directors and Project Managers build customized teams of qualified full-time, part-time, and temporary professionals for each project to match the needs of our clients.

Stephanie A. Treptow, B.S., CEI/CES/CEC, Q.P.

President / Principal-In-Charge / Natural Resources Division Director

David R. Hart, M.A., RPA

Vice President / Cultural Resources Division Director

Christine Markussen, M.A., RPA

Vice President / Geospatial / GIS Division Director

Gail D. Lowe, CPA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Joianne Meyers, B.S.

Finance and Operations Manager

Josh Whiting, M.A., RPA

Assistant Cultural Resources Division Director

Stewart Deats, M.Ed.

Principal Investigator / Project Manager / Lab Director / Senior Archaeologist

Blayne R. Brown, B.A.

Supervisory Archaeologist / Project Director / Scientific Illustrator

Travis I. Ellison, B.A.

Assistant Geospatial/GIS Division Director

Crispin A. Wilson, M.A., RPA

Project Director/Supervisory Archaeologist

Emily Phillips, M.A., RPA

Project Director/Supervisory Archaeologist

Kristoffer “Izzy” Stein, M.A., RPA

Project Director/Supervisory Archaeologist

Ryan Wyser, B.A.

Supervisory Archaeologist / Fleet Manager

Eric L. Herman, M.EP

Senior Biologist

Nick K. Uehling, B.S., CEI/CEC

Vegetation Management Program Manager / Natural Resources Specialist

Zachary M. Ventrella, B.A.

Vegetation Management Field Director / Natural Resources Specialist