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About Us

Environmental Consulting and Regulatory Compliance

Our Team

EnviroSystems consists of a team of highly trained professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in environmental regulatory compliance, natural and biological resources management, archaeological/cultural resources management, geospatial and GIS services, noxious weed management, and public relations. Our Division Directors and Project Managers build customized teams of qualified full-time, part-time, and temporary professionals for each project to match the needs of our clients.

Stephanie A. Treptow, B.S., CEI/CES/CEC, Q.P.

President / Principal-In-Charge / Natural Resources Division Director

David R. Hart, M.A., RPA

Vice President / Cultural Resources Division Director

Christine Markussen, M.A., RPA

Vice President / Geospatial / GIS Division Director

Gail D. Lowe, CPA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Joianne Meyers, B.S.

Office Administrator

Josh Whiting, M.A., RPA

Principal Investigator / Project Manager / Senior Archaeologist

Stewart Deats, M.Ed.

Principal Investigator / Project Manager / Lab Director / Senior Archaeologist

Blayne R. Brown, B.A.

Supervisory Archaeologist / Project Director / Scientific Illustrator

Travis I. Ellison, B.A.

GIS Specialist / Supervisory Archaeologist

Ehren D. Keltz, M.A., RPA

Project Director/Supervisory Archaeologist

Crispin A. Wilson, M.A., RPA

Project Director/Supervisory Archaeologist

Emily Phillips, M.A., RPA

Project Director/Supervisory Archaeologist

Kristoffer “Izzy” Stein, M.A., RPA

Project Director/Supervisory Archaeologist

Ryan Wyser, B.A.

Supervisory Archaeologist/Fleet Manager

Eric L. Herman, M.EP

Senior Biologist

Nick K. Uehling, B.S., CEI/CEC

Vegetation Management Program Coordinator / Natural Resources Specialist

Zachary M. Ventrella, B.A.

Vegetation Management Field Coordinator