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Lake Mary Road Improvements Garner National Partnering Award

Environmental Consulting and Regulatory Compliance

During the summer of 2009, ESMpr was part of the project team for the Lake Mary Road Improvement Project. Led by Vastco, Inc., a local northern Arizona contractor, the project team worked to widen the roadway of Lake Mary Road within the Flagstaff City Limits, as well as perform miscellaneous work as far out as the Mormon Lake Overlook. The Vastco team worked with project partners the Federal Highway Administration, the USDA Forest Service, Coconino County, and the City of Flagstaff to make the roadway a wider and safer thoroughfare for motorists, recreationists, and residents of the area.

Following completion of the project, Vastco construction management recognized the partnering effort that moved the project from conceptual design to construction, and that partnering was integral to the success of the project. Vastco asked ESMpr, who had been involved in the community relations capacity throughout construction, to write an award submittal for the project. In January 2011, the Lake Mary Road Improvement Project was awarded a Marvin M. Black Partnering in Excellence Award. ESMpr is proud to be involved in this award-winning project and commends Vastco pursing the award. ESMpr would also like to thank all partner agencies involved in this project, as the award-winning project would not have been possible without a concerted effort on the part of the FHWA, USFS, Coconino County, and City of Flagstaff.