Lake Mary Road Improvements Garner National Partnering Award

During the summer of 2009, ESMpr was part of the project team for the Lake Mary Road Improvement Project. Led by Vastco, Inc., a local northern Arizona contractor, the project team worked to widen the roadway of Lake Mary Road within the Flagstaff City Limits, as well as perform miscellaneous work as far out as the Mormon Lake Overlook. The Vastco team worked with project partners the Federal Highway Administration, the USDA Forest Service, Coconino County, and the City of Flagstaff to make the roadway a wider and safer thoroughfare for motorists, recreationists, and residents of the area.

Following completion of the project, Vastco construction management recognized the partnering effort that moved the project from conceptual design to construction, and that partnering was integral to the success of the project. Vastco asked ESMpr, who had been involved in the community relations capacity throughout construction, to write an award submittal for the project. In January 2011, the Lake Mary Road Improvement Project was awarded a Marvin M. Black Partnering in Excellence Award. ESMpr is proud to be involved in this award-winning project and commends Vastco pursing the award. ESMpr would also like to thank all partner agencies involved in this project, as the award-winning project would not have been possible without a concerted effort on the part of the FHWA, USFS, Coconino County, and City of Flagstaff.

EnviroSystems Proud to Receive APS Key Partner Award

EnviroSystems is proud to receive one of eight inaugural Key Partner Awards from Arizona Power Service. On Friday, July 23, 2010, EnviroSystems was honored by APS as a Key Business Partner, and received a 2010 Key Business Partner Award at the APS Tribute to Diverse Business ceremony at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel. This event recognizes the diverse enterprises in Arizona that are key partners in realizing the APS vision for the future.

Robert Esquivel, Manager of APS Supplier Diversity and Development, said, “We selected these honorees for being the best at what they do. They provide high-quality products and services at a competitive price. A healthy supplier base contributes to the well-being of our many local economies and that of APS, as well.”


EnviroSystems supplies APS with cultural resource services for proposed utility projects and utility upgrades. Our archaeologists go on-site ahead of APS construction and line crews to perform surveys and mitigation that ensures all work is performed in accordance with state and federal historic preservation guidelines. EnviroSystems helps APS deliver power to communities, while protecting the heritage of those communities.

Preserving Arizona’s natural and cultural resources is an important step to sustainable growth, and EnviroSystems is proud to be honored with a Key Partner Award from APS.

ESM Begins 8th Season of Noxious Weed Mitigation

EnviroSystems Management, Inc. is currently entering our 8th season of Noxious Weed Mitigation. Invasive and noxious weeds displace desirable plants that provide valuable forage for livestock and wildlife, eliminating critical habitats and affecting other natural resources that are important for threatened and endangered species as well as agricultural production. EnviroSystems utilizes all aspects of Integrated Pest Management to create specific successful strategies for each specific noxious weed eradication effort, including planning, mapping, education programs for staff and communities, and long-term monitoring.

EnviroSystems utilizes all aspects of Integrated Pest Management to create specific successful strategies for each specific noxious weed eradication effort, including planning, mapping, education programs for staff and communities, and long-term monitoring.

EnviroSystems currently contracts with private property owners, the City of Flagstaff, Flagstaff Medical Center, Coconino County, Coconino National Forest, and Kaibab National Forest to eradicate numerous exotic plants, such as leafy spurge, diffuse knapweed, star thistle, Scot thistle, and Mediterranean sage. Most invasive species can be dug up by the root ball or sprayed with an herbicide in a localized application that does not harm native species. Our team of botanists is trained to recognize over 50 species of weeds, and we tailor every eradication initiative to the specific ecological conditions of the affected habitat.

As our 8th season of noxious weed mitigation begins, EnviroSystems encourages agencies and property owners to contact us for a Noxious Weed Assessment. EnviroSystems will send a staff botanist to your property to evaluate your noxious weed problem, if you have one. After this evaluation, mitigation strategies and costs can be discussed.

Call EnviroSystems today to stop the spread of invasive and noxious weeds that threaten our area and help conserve the integrity of Arizona’s natural ecosystems.

ESM Cultural Resources Program Begins Second USFS Region 3 IDIQ Contract

Based on performance related to multiple cultural resource inventory tasks under an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract awarded in 2008, ESM’s Cultural Resource Program has been awarded a second IDIQ contract by the U.S. Forest Service Southwestern Region. This contract puts ESM cultural resource specialists on-call for National Forests throughout Arizona and northern New Mexico, inventorying vast tracts of previously uninvestigated lands.

Cultural resource inventories are performed to help Region 3 forests enact policy regarding travel management, fuels reduction, vegetation treatment, and forest health initiatives that mitigates potential impacts to cultural resources on these forests. To date, ESM archaeologists have worked on 20 different projects on Region 3 forests.

As U.S. Forest Service management balances multiple uses of the forest with protection of our cultural and natural resources, archaeological inventories and the management recommendations that result from them are a critical element to enacting policy that preserves our shared heritage.

ESMpr Plays Vital Role in Prescott Utility Upgrades

ESMpr is proud to play an important role in the City of Prescott effort to improve its water utility infrastructure. This initiative seeks to accommodate community build-out capacity, possible future fire flow needs, and maintain the high quality municipal water service. ESMpr is currently working in various water pressure zones to gather community input from affected residents and businesses to be considered in design.

ESMpr is utilized on construction phases to keep affected residents informed and help resolve any issues that may arise. These infrastructure improvement projects incorporate public input into design, which ensures construction meets the public needs.

Viewshed and landscape preservation, cultural resource mitigation, and community cohesiveness are issues that have been addressed and overcome through this extensive public participation process. Citizens were encouraged to weigh in on these critical issues in a process that ensures their voice is heard. To accomplish this, ESMpr has hosted a series of public meetings for various improvement initiatives, compiled a complete Public Record of public comments and concerns, and documented all context-sensitive responses to public inquiry. For each project, ESMpr provides a complete Public Record of all issues and how they were considered by the design team to the City of Prescott City Council, giving them the opportunity to make decisions regarding utility system upgrades with a clear mandate from the public.