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Noxious Weed management

Environmental Consulting and Regulatory Compliance

Herbicide Treatments

Mechanical/Manual Treatments

Cultural Control and Intervention 

Biological Pest Management


Herbicide Treatments
  –  Example: pre- and post-emergent applications

Mechanical/Manual Treatments
  –  Example: hand digging and mowing

Cultural Control and Intervention,
  –  Example: sheep herding, seeding, etc.

Biological Pest Management
  –  Example: insects, bacteria, fungus


Our botanists and invasive species specialists conduct: 

—  Surveys/treatments for noxious species on Federal lands, counties, cities, and private lands
      –  Work completed in five out of six Forests in AZ
—  Applicators certified in AZ & various western states
—  UTVs equipped for broadcast and spot-spray applications
—  Backpack & roadside/right-of-way herbicide applications
—  Seeding and land reclamation
—  Best management practices, monitoring, & inspections

Noxious Weed Management Portfolio

Browse three examples of recent successfully completed regulatory compliance projects.

Two Consecutive IDIQ Contracts with Coronado National Forest for Invasive Weed Treatment, Region 3 Forest Service

EnviroSystems holds the second of two five-year IDIQ contracts with the Coronado National Forest for the identification and treatment of invasive plant species using integrated pest management methods. Since 2011, EnviroSystems has been conducting herbicide applications of several hundred acres in canyons on the western slopes of the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Nogalas Ranger District. 

Tonto National Forest for Integrated Treatment of Invasive Weeds

Since 2010, EnviroSystems held multiple contracts with the Tonto National Forest for the identification and treatment of noxious/invasive weeds using integrated pest management methods. Target species include but are not limited to buffelgrass, yellow and Malta star thistle, Scotch thistle, Canada thistle, diffuse and spotted knapweed, sweet resinbush, Dalmatian toadflax, Russian knapweed, and giant reed. 

Multiple Projects with Coconino County and the City of Flagstaff

Since 2010, EnviroSystems has specialized in noxious weed management for the local community. We have provided herbicide treatments throughout Coconino County along county road rights-of way, material pits, and transfer stations. We have provided manual or mechanical treatments for the City of Flagstaff within designated open spaces, water treatment plants, selected drainages, and recreational areas.  This work is particularly rewarding because we can serve and rehabilitate the natural environment for our local community.