ESM Noxious Weed Crews Mount Volunteer Flood Response

When torrential downpours inundated Flagstaff in late July, ESM noxious weed eradication crews found themselves unable to perform their normal duties. Not wanting to sit idle and wait for the rain to stop, the ESM Weed Wranglers sprung into action when they heard reports of flooding in the Timberline and Doney Park neighborhoods. The Schultz Fire that burned over 15,000 acres in June decimated ground cover and vegetation that acts as erosion control during heavy rains.

As rain fell on the burned areas, rivers of mud flowed down towards the homes below. Using the ESM truck and 20-foot trailer, crew members transported loads of sandbags to residents looking to protect their homes and belongings from the rising waters. Over the course of two days, the crew made over 7 trips with the 20-foot trailer, hauling hundreds of sandbags to the residents in need.

EnviroSystems is proud of our Weed Wrangler crew. This volunteer work was performed because the community needed help. As Weed Wranglers return to their mitigation work on invasive plant species, they do so with an increased sense of pride, knowing they have helped east Flagstaff residents stay safe during the monsoon floods.