Success Stories

The past performance of EnviroSystems is full of success stories. Nearly 75% of our on-going projects consist of repeat business from satisfied clients, a direct result of the personal attention provided by EnviroSystems.

ESM Noxious Weed Crews Mount Volunteer Flood Response

When torrential downpours inundated Flagstaff in late July, ESM noxious weed eradication crews found themselves unable to perform their normal duties. Not wanting to sit idle and wait for the rain to stop, the ESM Weed Wranglers sprung into action when they heard reports of flooding in the Timberline and Doney Park neighborhoods. The Schultz Fire that burned over 15,000 acres in June decimated ground cover and vegetation that acts as erosion control during heavy rains. ( read more )

Mingus Mountain Substation Site Data Recovery Project

Just up the road from historic Jerome in central Arizona, the future meets the past at the APS Mingus Mountain Substation. Nestled in the Prescott National Forest (PNF), the substation quietly hums along converting 69kV to 12kV electricity for distribution to homes and businesses. At peak load the substation exceeded the capacity of the existing transformer and needed to be upgraded and expanded to meet current and future demands. There was one small hitch, however—the substation was built on and in the middle of an archaeological site. ( read more )

GIS Program Manager Conducts Geophysical Prospection on World Renowned Iron Age Site in Turkey

In May 2008, EnviroSystems Geospatial Specialist Christine Markussen assisted in conducting a geophysical prospection survey at Kerkenes, an archaeological site in central Turkey. Kerkenes is a large (covering 1 square mile/271 hectares/ha) Iron Age city dating to ca. 650-550 B.C. Its ancient name is likely Pteria, mentioned by Herodotus as the location of a conflict between the first of the Persian Empire kings. The city was inhabited for a very short time before being deliberately destroyed and burned to the ground, and the site has been largely untouched since its abandonment. These factors created ideal site conditions for successful geophysical prospection. ( read more )