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EnviroSystems is seeking a Vegetation Management Field Coordinator!

Environmental Consulting and Regulatory Compliance

EnviroSystems Management, Inc. is seeking a seasonal vegetation management field coordinator to support various vegetation and noxious weed survey and treatment projects in the southwest. The ideal candidate would possess a degree in natural resources, have an Arizona Applicator Certification, and have at least one year of experience in noxious weed survey, treatment, data entry, GPS use, and would be able to conduct field work 50% to 75% of the time. The vegetation management field coordinator would be required to manage field technicians, operate and repair vehicles and other field equipment, and collaborate with office staff to produce maps, reports, and data upon completion of fieldwork.

* Mix and apply herbicides using a variety of techniques including spot spraying, broadcast spraying, and backpack spraying
* Conduct small- and large-scale herbicide applications and field surveys, coordinate field logistics, and provide oversight of noxious weed and vegetation survey/treatment implementation and data management
* Conduct data-entry after field work including pesticide application reports
* Provide quality control to noxious weed management projects
* Use topographic maps, aerial photographs, GPS units, and other maps and tools
* Review and interpret biological data and research literature
* Operate vehicles safely especially in rough terrain and follow all required safety protocols
* Diagnose and repair vehicles (often in the field if issues are encountered)
* Photograph and effectively document field site conditions, habitats, species, and landforms
* Conduct field work 50% to 75% of the time

* Proficient in identification of common and rare native plants and common invasive plants and noxious weeds in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and/or Nevada
* Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel for data entry and reporting
* Experience conducting field surveys including relevant planning and field logistics
* Knowledge of noxious/invasive weed survey and monitoring techniques and ability to learn and
implement new protocols
* GIS and GPS-use experience required
* Ability to walk long distances and carry field equipment and personal supplies
* Ability to conduct fieldwork for long hours in remote environments and in inclement weather
* Ability to take initiative, resolve problems, and create improved procedures to ensure tasks are
completed in the most effective and efficient manner
* Ability to work independently and as part of a collaborative team of resource scientists

If you have any questions about this job, please contact Nick Uehling at nuehling@esmaz.com or at (928) 226-0236.